My name is Federica Dal Palù, I graduated in “Preservation of the Cultural Heritage” at Tuscia University in Viterbo,and I have a second degree in “Art History and Preservation of Historical-Artistic Heritage”.

I’m pleased to offer you my professional experience to the discover the wonderful culture, art and history of Rome and Viterbo, proposing some personalized itineraries and in particular specialized tours of the most important current art exhibitions.

Vatican Museums

The museum is one of the places that give the highest idea of man


Ancient Rome

Only in Rome can you begin to understand Rome


Temporary Exhibitions

A work of art is a mind’s adventure


Walking Tours & Museums

Rome is not a city like others. It ‘s a great museum, a living room which must be crossed on tiptoe


Outskirts of Rome

In all things of Nature there is something wonderful


Vespa Tour & Driver Guide

The Vespa, a myth that never dies

Gift a wonderful tour experience!

FedeArt Tour: main features

Licensed Tour Guide

Following the explanation of a professional and licensed local tour guide is the best way to make your experience unforgettable. The knowledge and the competence of a licensed tour guide is verified by the government through a tough exam. A licensed tour guide is a “Culture ambassador”of art and a tradition in this special and unique city.

International speaking

All tours are available both in english and italian language

Tailored tour

You are going to try a Boutique Tour Operator experience. I am specialized in customized tours for Rome and Vatican with a tailored made approach built on your tastes and needs

Vatican Tour

The Vatican Museums consists of hundreds rooms, galleries and collections. It is spread over 4 levels, 1000 rooms for a total distance of 8 miles.

They are packed with incredible art but can be overwhelming if you don’t your way around. The private tour will help you to focus on the main masterpieces of the most fascinating museums in the world.
Explore the secrets