Villa Torlonia

Valadier architecture

Villa Torlonia

The Villa Torlonia is of the more recent noble villas in Rome which still has a special charm because of its  original English style landscape garden.

The Marquis Giovanni Torlonia bought the villa at the end of the eighteenth century and commissioned architect Valadier to renovate the property. Between 1802 and 1806 Valadier built stables and a majestic entrance (demolished when the Via Nomentana was widened). He also designed the garden, creating symmetrical, perpendicular avenues around the palace. Many works of classical art and especially sculptures, were bought to furnish the Villa. The villa also includes the Whorehouse  and the House of Owls, which are a great example of the Roman eclecticism of the early twentieth century, and a rare example of a glass art collection.

Duration: 2 hours

Info: Monday closed