Rome underground tour

Rome Underground Tour: Basilica of Saint Clement and Roman Houses of Caelian Hill

The 3 hour underground tour of Rome includes visits to two of the best examples of the layers of history that characterize the Rome. With this tour you will explore the fascinating and mysterious underground areas of Rome, including the Basilica of Saint Clemente and the Roman Houses of Caelian Hill.

Saint Clemente is one of the most fascinating places in the city. It is a site consisting of three buildings one on top of the other: a medieval Basilica built on an early Christian one that was in turn built on buildings of the first century AD. Evidences of Mithraic and Christian religion overlap underground and show the clash between the two religions. Frescoes and mosaics in the basilicas of two different eras give a precious testimony of Italian medieval art.

In the second part of the tour we will visit the Roman Houses of Caelian Hill part of one of the most important archaeological sites in Rome. The many layers of the site include residential areas – with a rich residence and a tenement with shops – to the creation of a place of Christian pilgrimage and finally of the Basilica of SS. Giovanni and Paolo, still splendid today. Entering from an ancient Roman road, you find yourself in a maze of exceptional frescoed rooms. The site that sheds light on daily life in ancient Rome, and on the fragile early centuries of Christianity, making it one of the key sites of Christian archeology. These two sites are located in the same area, within 10 minutes walking distance of each other.



Duration: 3 hours

Info: Monday closed